Over 60 Colorado artists to choose from!

Glass and accessories

Glass and accessories

glass of all sizes and prices to ensure the perfect piece for everyone

Here at Rocketman Boulder we have over 60 Colorado blowers all adding a different touch of color and beauty to the shop. We love supporting artists of all styles and sizes and aim to have a large, beautiful, and diverse section of local glass to choose from. We have everything from pendants to pipes both big and small.

At Rocketman we always aim to ensure you leave with the perfect piece to fit your personality. Whether that means one that is cheap and sturdy or one that's intricate and expensive, we carry it all. So come on down to Rocketman Boulder and let us help you find the perfect piece of functional art! Not only will you be supporting your local headshop but you will be supporting Colorado's amazing artists as well!

You can find everything here at Rocketman Boulder including glass pipes, bongs etc, wood bowls, metal pipes, silicone and more!
You can also find many accessories to personalize your smoking experience! Such as lighters, bowls, dab tools, banger, down-stems, ash-catchers, and more!

Stop on in to Rocketman boulder for all your smoking needs and we will be sure to help you find the piece that is perfect for you!

The glass you see on this page is here to give you an idea of what we carry at Rocketman Boulder. To see our full selection of glass and other smoking accessories, stop into Rocketman today! If you would like to check out our online store, head to our for sale page. If you have any questions or would like to inquire about a piece you see on this page, feel free to contact us.