During these tough and uncertain times we want to make sure our customers have access to all their Kratom needs. Which is why we are now offering online Kratom sales!
For more information regarding strain variety, pick up, delivery, and shipping please call the store at 303-952-9280 or text our owner at 941-330-4140.

Kilos (1 Kilo = 35.274 Ounces)

We have a Variety of different Kratom kilos for sale starting at only $100 (plus tax and shipping) including but not limited to green, maeng da, red, and white!

Kratom - Ounces

We have ounces of Kratom starting at only $9.99 (plus tax and shipping). Strains include red, white, maeng da, green and more!


In order to help our customers be able to access all of their necessary medicines we will also be doing online sales of under .3% THC (non-psychoactive and 50 state legal under the farm bill) CBD flower and Kava capsules.
CBD flower will be $12 an eighth, $20 a quarter, $30 for a half ounce, and $50 for a whole ounce.
If you have any questions about strain variety or Kava options, please feel free to call us.